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Our Services

Sahand Homes is a multidisciplinary professional firm, which allows us to provide technical and strategic services in Engineering, Process Development, Project and Construction Management. We have divided our services in four major categories which has enabled us to undertake large or small projects in Industrial, Commercial, and residential sectors.

Sahand Homes Inc has developed technical expertise and methods to deliver any kind of challenges that it may face. Our services includes as following:


PHSR process is mandatory in Ontario now. Section 7 of the Regulation for Industrial Establishments of the Ministry of Labour's gives priority to independent Professional Engineers to practice in "The Pre-start Health and Safety Review (PHSR)". Pre-start Health and Safety Review is required when new or used equipment or process is moved to a new workplace. Also, safeguarding of industrial workplaces requires that any stacking structure, like rack, must meet safety standard and to be certified by a Professional Engineer. We, as Professional Engineers, have priority to inspect and issue PHSR reports to any lift-equipment.

Structural Engineering Services

At Sahand Homes Inc we can provide you different engineering services. We are specialized: 1) Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Residential. 2) Design up to 8 storeys. 3) Design in concrete, steel, and timber. 4) Shop drawing review and approvals. 5) Site review visits and reports. 6) Architectural drawing mark up and structural stamp.

Inspection and Field Assesment Review

As professional Engineers, we offer wide range of services to general contractors, builders, and/or home owners to inspect their construction site. Issuing field inspection reports to owner(s), city hall personnel, or other authorities are also part of our services.

Project and Construction Management

At Sahand Homes Inc we provide overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. We focus on meeting our client’s requirement in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project. Our services includes but not limited to: 1) Project Planning 2) Pre-Construction Services 3) Budget & Cost Estimate and Management 4) Scheduling 5)Value Engineering 6) Project Cost Control 7) Specification & Design Review 8) Design Document Review 9) Technical Engineering Review 10) Constructability Review 11) Claims Mitigation and Evaluation

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